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Entry #1

After a 4 year hiatus of binge drinking and drugs

2008-09-24 15:59:32 by atompluspackage

I am back newgrounds, and it feels fanfuckingtastic to use my brain and create something again.

New series, FACEPALM is my baby right now. I'm currently nurturing her and feeding her until she's full size and ready to be seen by the world.

I predict the debut of episode 1 will be here by kthxgvng.

What is facepalm you may ask? It's the essence of my being and and a look into how fucked up my brain really is. & hopefully somewhere along the way, you laugh but it will be an acquired taste.

screenshots soon*~~*!~

and i'm working on a line of t-shirts


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2008-10-11 04:05:20

Sounds interesting. I always wondered what an Iowan stoners brain looked like.


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